Understanding the different applications is key to enabling the efficient use of Ultra Violet light and Infra Red heat. UV+IR Lamps Pty (Ltd) supply various accessories to maximise the efficiency of your Ultra Violet or Infra Red system. From Modular units, ducting , conveyor belts, lamp reflectors to engineering advice and solutions.


Quartz glass tubes and plates are manufactured in a very broad diameter range from 2 mm up to 900 mm. Tubes and plates are manufactured from different material grades to suit client’s specifications.

We provide transparent quartz glass plates with very good transmission and opaque plates with high reflectivity. These glass plates are offered in a wide variety of grades, from cost efficient direct drawn plates, to plates cut from various solid materials.


We manufacture tailor-made reflectors from Polished Anodised Aluminium as well as Dichroic Reflectors. Depending on the design of the reflector system, the effective primary radiation applied consists of approximately 50- 75% Primary radiation (from the lamp) and 25-50% secondary radiation (from the reflector).

Dichroic reflectors are the easiest step to take to reduce heat to your substrate. These reflectors can be specified for your Ultra Violet curing system.  Or, if you find your needs change, they can be easily retrofitted into an existing system.  Dichroic reflectors are exactly the same dimensions as a conventional reflector product, but they have 50 or more layers of a dielectric coating applied to their surface. This coating allows Ultra Violet (UV) to be reflected, but absorbs much of the longer infra red (IR) wavelengths. The heat is then dissipated from the reflector surface by air-cooling.

There is little reflectance of visible or IR radiation. The total UV reflectivity can be very good for a well designed dichroic reflector.


Heating and drying applications to suit your needs from small handheld units for single panels to overhead installation in spraybooths.

Infra Red Heat is used worldwide by the automotive industry because it provides you 100% control over the application and duration of the heat. Instant heat enables you to speed up the repair process.

This also improves the quality of repairs and reduces the need for polishing. Infra red heat is clean and safe, there are no pollutants or by-products that can negatively affect the health of your employees.

Auto Painting in low temperatures can produce excessively high film thickness which can lead to issues like solvent popping( tiny pinhole sized bumps caused by solvent evaporation) and orange peeling. The only way to fix these painting issues would be to remove the paint and redo the whole project. There is also an issue with drying, as car paint takes a lot longer to set in cold temperatures and is far more likely to drip and run.

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